If you dream a romantic and unforgettable ceremony, in a unique location in a country you’ll deeply love,  Portugal is the most fantastic choice.   Natural beauties, fantastic food, nice and hospitable people, a prestigious hotel network, with amazing prices; a very rich, but not stressful tourist offer: Portugal is waiting for you to celebrate your love.  Weddings, same-sex weddings, wedding anniversaries, symbolic ceremonies: our mission is to help you realize your dream so that this special time remain in your memories and in your heart like an unforgettable moment. We deal with the organizational and bureaucratic aspects of your wedding and event, with passion and enthusiasm, freeing you from all worries.

   Oporto and Lisbon are wonderful cities; you will be surprised by their architecture, monuments, and museums, by the hectic streets and the nightlife excitement.

   If you are looking for a special location, we always have many interesting and personalized proposals for your wedding in Portugal.

   Thanks to our working method and our remarkable experience,  a few weeks for the dossier management, and a three days stay, that’s our timing for organizing your wedding.  We can also supply all the services you need, such as hairdresser, rent-a-bus, photographer, florist, etc.

   As for same-sex weddings, Portugal is and always will be an ideal destination, because the country is absolutely gay-friendly, and people are very cool and discreet.